American Staffing Association Website Redesign

Project Team

Discovery Research and Oversight, SEO Research and Implementation, Page Production: Kate Callahan

Project Oversight, Strategy, Art Direction and Design: John Fabrizio

Development: Mark Fabrizio

Information Architecture and Copywriting: Roger Rebetsky

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In 2014, the American Staffing Association (ASA) asked John at Fabrizio + Friends to undertake a complete redesign and development effort that would drastically overhaul the association’s digital profile.

With a large list of requirements to satisfy the organization’s multiple audiences and a mountain of existing content and resources, John brought me onboard to lead the research phase, pilot the foundation to an effective SEO program, and support the project through development and production.

Our team of four went to work with the stakeholder team, and an intensive research phase and detailed planning led to information architecture, wireframing and then visual design. Meanwhile, custom development, integration with ASA’s existing member management platform, and a massive copywriting & content migration initiative began.

The end result is a responsive 2,000+ page, feature-rich WordPress site that organizes a range of custom content types in a user-friendly, easy-to-manage way.

Now members, prospective members, companies who need talent and even vendors who serve staffing firms all have a single place to find what they’re looking for.


One year post-launch, the site’s organic search volume was up 51%.