B/E Aerospace Contact Tool

Project Team

Logic and Strategy: Kate Callahan

User Interface: John Fabrizio and Kate Callahan

Design: John Fabrizio

Development: Mark Fabrizio

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One particularly challenging component to the overhaul of B/E Aerospace’s web presence was integrating a contact tool that would meet the needs of a diverse product offering across an even more diverse range of businesses–some users search by region, some by capability, some by name and some by product type.


After several weeks of stakeholder interviews and a robust aggregation of contact content, hundreds of data points were organized logically into a usable table from which a user interface was developed.

The tool uses a custom WordPress post type and taxonomy to filter results based on location, categories and tags and uses Google Maps’ API as the location foundation.

The end result is a tool that is intuitive and usable for any customer or stakeholder seeking contact information within B/E’s infrastructure. Additionally, it was developed to allow integration of contact posts into both products and general pages, and custom shortcodes allow for aggregated lists within certain departments such as Global Support.