B/E Aerospace Website

Project Team

Discovery, Account Management and Production: Kate Callahan

Art Direction and Design: John Fabrizio

Development: Mark Fabrizio

Copywriting: Renee Lemley

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For several years I’ve contracted with B/E Aerospace to maintain content on their website, and add additional sub-sites in WordPress’ Multisite environment as they’re ready. But it all started with a massive research, design and development project that was needed to revitalize the old, archaic B/E Aerospace suite of sites.

After months of stakeholder interviews, digging through data and analytics, competitive analyses, and collaboration – my team and I set about the business of designing and developing a website capable of managing a wide range of content, to be administered by a vast number of non-technical users.

The end result is a robust, custom WordPress build that integrates technically with B/E Aerospace internal tools and resources, and organizes a range of custom content types in a user-friendly way.

The site features a custom contact tool that’s customized based on the Google Maps’ API, and custom product pages that accommodate a completely non-uniform product architecture.