EverBank New Customer Acquisition

Project Team

Strategy, Analysis and Account Management: Kate Callahan

User Interface : John Fabrizio

Development:  Carton Donofrio Partners

Tasked with improving cost per new client acquisition, I worked with two primary teams over the course of several months to refine strategy across media, copy and UX for EverBank. We used A/B testing to systematically refine CTA’s and UX, and re-targeting and behavioral technology to increase qualified leads and average value of respondents.


• A/B test tabs versus accordion approach.
A/B test CTAs.
A/B test headlines.
Continually improve display placements based on KPI improvements.
Measure and optimize.


Landing page to applicant conversion improved +5% with new design and UX.

Reduced CPA by 21% since the start of the campaign while meeting our volume goals.

CTRs improve from .16% to .59% in markets where the offline advertising is running.

Overall increase in clickthrough from .10-.48% in first 6 months of the year.